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LIFE-ONE by John Doan

Autore Australiano di dipinti di nudo naturista. Per saperne di più clicca qui.


Life-OneHi, I'm Misha from LIFE-ONE, a planet that there is no sex, no war and no violence. You will also meet Einstein, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Archimedes and even David Hamilton who are all alive working and enjoying on my planet. ... After all, behind this nude fantasy that may be seen as cheap and dirty by many hypocrites, you will find a true and emotional lovestory that will touch many people and challenge our double-standard decency. You have watched 'GODFATHER' in which a criminal gangster is portrayed as a respected family man and a hero; you have watched 'SILENCE OF THE LAMBS' in which a cannibal serial killer is portrayed as a brilliant psychologist or a genius, why not read 'LIFE-ONE' where thousands of nude models will be portrayed simply as decent human beings to another world that Earth can never dare to imagine? Dare you believe or are you scared? The author is still looking for a hard-copy publisher, but LIFE-ONE ebook is currently available at Zeus. It might be a long time, before nudity can be accepted on Earth without shame, guilt, anger, fear, frustration and ridicule. But who knows, with your support, one day we can also make this a humble film that can challenge our decency and change the whole world? You decide.

Kind regards,
Misha, Life-One

Einstein, Life-One
Jessica at Mens Gallery, NY
Misha, supermodel from Life-One
Fashion Parade in Life-1
Melbourne, Life-1
Sydney, Life-One
Julie's Back
Art City, Life-1
Isabelle model
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